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Williams and Flagstaff area fishing report — go fishing NOW!

Fishing is excellent at Kaibab Lake and Dogtown Lake right now.  Folks are catching big trout on Lower Lake Mary early in the morning and late in the evening. It is Pine Pollen season in the Flagstaff and Williams area so you may notice the yellow pine pollen floating on the lakes! Dogtown Lake We stocked a load of bonus trout from Colorado into Dogtown Monday morning.  The fish averaged about ¾ of a pound.  Folks were catching them right after we stocked on spinners, spoons and PowerBait.  Folks are doing great on Green garlic PowerBait and rainbow PowerBait today....

Stocking Reports from 05/29/2017 to 06/02/2017

Date Stocked Water Name Species 5/29/2017 Silver Creek Rainbow Trout 5/29/2017 West Fork Little Colorado R.-Greer Rainbow Trout 5/30/2017 Ashurst Lake Rainbow Trout 5/30/2017 Canyon Creek Rainbow Trout 5/30/2017 Dogtown Reservoir Rainbow Trout 5/30/2017 Frances Short Pond Rainbow Trout 5/30/2017 Kaibab Lake Rainbow Trout 5/30/2017 Oak Creek Rainbow Trout 5/30/2017 Salt River Rainbow Trout 5/31/2017 Chevelon Canyon Lake Rainbow Trout 5/31/2017 Lynx Lake Rainbow Trout 6/1/2017 Copper Sky Lake Channel catfish 6/1/2017 Kennedy Lake Channel catfish 6/1/2017 Lakeside Lake Channel catfish 6/1/2017 Red Mountain Lake Channel catfish 6/1/2017 Riverview Lake Channel catfish 6/1/2017 Sahuarita Lake Channel catfish 6/1/2017 Silverbell Park...

Angler report: Banner bass day at Goldwater Lake

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Goldwater Lake   Michael W.: June 7. Incredible day of bass fishing at Goldwater Lake!  In 7 hours of fishing, I caught and released 119 largemouth bass, ranging from 12 to 16 inches.  All fish caught on 1.5 inch crappie tubes. Largemouth bass were stocked recently.  Weather conditions: Sunny and clear. Water conditions: Stained.   Note: Largemouth bass were stocked into Goldwater Lake this week. Goldwater is an intensive-use trout fishery. See more Angler Reports

Angler Report: Free Fishing Day Gila trout at Goldwater Lake

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Goldwater Lake Michael W.:  A Spectacular Day Of Fishing At Goldwater Lake!  In 6 1/2 hours of fishing, I caught & released 34 Gila Trout, most of them ranging from 2 to 3lbs and up to 19 inches.  As part of the National Free Fishing Day (Saturday, June 3), the Arizona Game and Fish Department recently stocked both Gila trout and rainbow trout at Goldwater Lake.  A big thanks to all the volunteers & Arizona Game and Fish for making it a memorable day!  Weather Conditions: Sunny & Clear Water Conditions: Stained...

Angler Report: Patagonia Lake

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Patagonia Lake Ryan V.: ​Caught a 4-pound channel cat caught on cut bait. Bluegill are biting non-stop on worms and the channel cat babies were hitting chicken liver-flavored stink bait. Ended up with five baby channel cats and one 4-pound channel cat. Released all fish.   See more Angler Reports

Roger Coffman, a.k.a “Mr. Fish” – more than a fish-hauler

Meet Roger Coffman. He’s better known by his business name: Mr. Fish. His company has been our provider of warmwater fish (catfish, bass, sunfish, crappie, triploid grass carp, etc) for several years. The importance of his role in maintaining the Community Fishing Program with catfish, sunfish, and other species as needed is crucial. But he’s attentive to angler needs in other areas. Recently informed that there were 8,000 2- to 3-inch tiger bass available (tiger bass are a genetic cross between a Florida strain and northern strain largemouth bass), Coffman had some options. He could have easily sold the fish....

Palo Verde and Cibola Divisions the Colorado River Flathead Catfish Survey

Conditions in both the Palo Verde and Cibola Divisions of the Colorado River should be perfect to go out and catch some flathead catfish.  In May, our Yuma-Region Fisheries Program conducted an annual electrofishing trend survey targeting flathead catfish on the Palo Verde and Cibola Divisions of the Colorado River. Water temperatures are in the 70s and many fish sampled had fish in their mouths or stomachs — they were actively feeding. Your chance of catching a trophy-sized flathead is even better at other statewide flathead hot spots like Bartlett Lake in the Tonto National Forest or the Imperial Division of...

Angler Report: Chevelon Lake brown trout

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Chevelon Canyon Lake Brown trout caught by Dan O’Neil last weekend in Chevelon Creek using a rooster tail lure. AZGFD note: special regulations at Chevelon is a limit of two trout; artificial fly and lure only. Also, there is unlimited smallmouth and largemouth bass and unlimited channel and flathead catfish. See more Angler Reports

Lake Mohave fishing report

Lake Mohave’s striper bite is going well with most using anchovies and some using their favorite lures. John’s 9.24 pounder was the largest of the 3 fish. He was fishing from the shore near the dam using anchovies. Jerry was also fishing from shore near the dam when he landed his 6.24 lbs. and 3 lbs. striper. Bob A. and Bob B. (white shirt) show off their 6.5 and 5.66 lbs. stripers also caught near the dam using anchovies. The largemouth and smallmouth bass are biting on pumpkin or blue/green flake plastics. ”

Topock Marsh fishing report

This is not your typical catch at Topock Marsh. This is a Razorback Sucker which is an endangered native fish that normally feeds on algae, insect larvae, plankton, and detritus. This razorback decided liver was on the menu. Fortunately, Joseph realized what it was and released it after taking the picture. ”