Page Springs Hatchery

Raiseways (4)Page Springs Fish Hatchery resides on Commission-owned land and is managed by the Department’s Hatchery Program since 1938.Page Springs Hatchery was named after the Page family, the previous owners of the property who had been raising trout as far back as the early 1930s. The hatchery is comprised of two separate parcels Page Springs Hatchery and Bubbling Ponds Hatchery totaling approximately 190 acres. There are two springs on the hatchery that include the “Cave Spring” (also known as the Page Spring Tunnel) and the “Pond Spring Area.”

In 1990-91 the facility was renovated, making it a showcase facility with state of the art raceways and canopies, a visitor center, and a self-guided tour path. The Audubon Society identified habitat at the hatcheries and riparian area along lower Oak Creek as an Important Bird Area (IBA), and it draws thousands of wildlife watching enthusiasts.

Harvesting Rainbow Trout

Harvesting Rainbow Trout

The property has 4 employee residences, a studio bunkhouse, a large enclosed garage/shop, a large carport, numerous storage sheds and detached garages, a main office, a visitor center with restrooms, and separate areas of canopy-covered rearing units. The hatchery is staffed by nine full-time employees, all of whom are responsible for day-to-day operation and maintenance of the sites.

Page Springs Hatchery is the largest state run hatchery. It produces on average 216,000 lbs. of trout which equals approximately 57% of the stock trout in Arizona, and makes a $185.3 million positive impact to the overall state economy.

Hatchery Stocking Truck

Hatchery Stocking Truck

Page Springs is located on beautiful Oak Creek approximately 10 miles south of Sedona and 10 miles north of Cottonwood off Highway 89A on the Page Springs Road. The best access is from Interstate 17. Take the McGuireville exit (exit 293), turn west for approximately 10 miles to Cornville; turn north on Page Springs Road for five miles to hatchery entrance.

Hours open to the public:
Daily 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Contact Us 928-634-1279
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Page Springs Hatchery Staff Loading a Stocking Truck

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Learn about the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Hatchery Program at Page Springs Hatchery. Page Springs Hatchery is the largest state run hatchery. It produces an average of 216,000 pounds of trout annually which equals approximately 57% of the stocked trout in Arizona.  The trout from Page Springs can be tied...

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