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Angler Report: Patagonia Lake a panfish hot spot

Send your fishing reports and pictures to   Patagonia Lake Adam D.: Went fishing this past weekend at Patagonia. Fished from 6 p.m. Friday night til 1:30 a.m. with no luck trying for catfish from shore. Saturday morning hooked into some nice bluegill, crappie and sunfish. One tiny little cat that was released as well.     See more Angler Reports

Cluff Ranch Pond #3 Closed to access.

  Cluff Ranch Pond #3 Closed   THATCHER, Ariz. – The Arizona Game and Fish Department has temporarily closed Cluff Ranch Pond #3 to recreational activities so that it may be used by   U.S. Forest Service crews to help suppress the Frye Fire. The Cluff Ranch Ponds are located in the Cluff Ranch Wildlife Area off Cluff Ranch Road at the base of the Pinaleno Mountains.      

Angler Report: Patagonia Lake

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Patagonia Lake Ryan V.: ​Caught a 4-pound channel cat caught on cut bait. Bluegill are biting non-stop on worms and the channel cat babies were hitting chicken liver-flavored stink bait. Ended up with five baby channel cats and one 4-pound channel cat. Released all fish.   See more Angler Reports

Angler Report: Sahuarita Lake

Good Evening All, I figured if I only had a few hours in the afternoon with the anticipated breeze I would go and visit Sahuarita Lake and do some casting and catching.  Hey the walking exercise was beneficial to me  too.  Lot’s of other anglers and families out there enjoying the wonderful AZ spring weather.  The temperature was mild and the slight breeze sometimes worked in getting the light lures out there. I managed to catch four Largemouth Bass within the first hour of casting.  Bass number one was a welcome surprise after switching from casting a grub to a...

Angler Report: Parker Canyon Lake

  Good evening, just like to report on some fishing at Parker Lake. I had a little success I got 4 nice trout around 8:30 to 9:30 AM this morning. Stayed till 11:00 AM and had no more bites.  So its slow.  Picked the wrong day to go didn’t realize it was Spring Break and the lake was full. Larry

Creel Survey at Patagonia Lake

It’s not always about the fish when managing Arizona’s fisheries resources.  Understanding the anglers that use those resources is an equally important part of the equation.  There’s no better way to gain that understanding than by asking the anglers themselves. The Department recently completed a yearlong creel survey at Patagonia Lake to gain an understanding of the typical Patagonia angler.   A total of 2,077 anglers were interviewed about their fishing experience from January through December 2016. The data shows that Patagonia Lake supported 41,402 angler hours and 7,648 angler days last year. Shore anglers comprised 41% of the angler population...