Author: Nick Walter

Angler Report: Tunnel Reservoir & Lower Lake Mary

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Tunnel Reservoir/Lower Lake Mary Steve S.: Top photo 18 1/4-inch,  3.75-pound brown caught at Tunnel Reservoir (Greer).  (Sorry it’s a selfie photo).   5 days later, I caught this 19 1/4″-inch, 4-pound plus rainbow at Lower Lake Mary …   See more Angler Reports

Angler Report: Lake Mead

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Lake Mead Danny Wood from Camp Verde Arizona caught a channel cat while fishing on Lake Mead near South Cove.  He also caught a lot of nice size stripers!     See more Angler Reports

Statewide Reports: June 23, 2017

Top picks for this week are fishing nights during this new moon in the desert regions, and luring rainbow trout — all day and night if you like — in the high country. Top-water action will be picking up, too! Community Fishing Program catfish stockings are on hiatus for the summer. So check out the summer trout stocking schedule, or sign up for an I Support Wildlife membership to get those daily fish stocking updates (and more). See stockings from the past week. Fishin’ in the dark: new moon stripers OK, we have a new moon and so heading to...

Angler Report: Woods Canyon Lake

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Woods Canyon Lake Derek Y.: Great first time to Woods Canyon Lake to take my kids and friends for their first time and escape the heat.  Stayed at Spillway Campground where the staff was very courteous and friendly. Fishing was red hot from shore or trolling. Trolled using crawdad imitation plugs and my son Aidan even caught a double on the slow retrieve with PowerBait.  Shore fishing was constant with PowerBait (any flavor/color seemed to work) but snagged quite frequently on the rocks using our 2-pound test. Crawdad trapping was fun for...

Angler Report: Patagonia Lake a panfish hot spot

Send your fishing reports and pictures to   Patagonia Lake Adam D.: Went fishing this past weekend at Patagonia. Fished from 6 p.m. Friday night til 1:30 a.m. with no luck trying for catfish from shore. Saturday morning hooked into some nice bluegill, crappie and sunfish. One tiny little cat that was released as well.     See more Angler Reports

Statewide Reports: June 9, 2017

Bass are generally in post-spawn mode and scattered across lakes. Look for the night bite on bass to improve in the coming weeks as triple-digit high temperatures remain consistent. There’s also a full moon: one certainty of this lunar phase is that anglers will have sufficient light on clear nights to navigate fishing spots. Bass and trout aside, it is also bluegill time. Get the kids, bobbers, and worms. Backs of coves are usually best, especially if it is rocky or you can find submerged boulder piles. Patagonia Lake has been a good sunfish spot, as well as Canyon Lake....

Angler Report: Lake Mead overnight striper party

Send your fishing reports and pictures to   Lake Mead Don M.: Thought I would send you a photo of the fish that we caught on Saturday night out of South Cove on Lake Mead. It was a truly historic night as we were able to put 340 fish into the boat and on ice. We had 319 stripers, 20 channel cats, and one gizzard shad. We got all of those in a seven-hour trip, from 10 Saturday night to 5 a.m. Sunday morning. It did take us five and a half hours to process those fish. We used...

Angler report: Banner bass day at Goldwater Lake

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Goldwater Lake   Michael W.: June 7. Incredible day of bass fishing at Goldwater Lake!  In 7 hours of fishing, I caught and released 119 largemouth bass, ranging from 12 to 16 inches.  All fish caught on 1.5 inch crappie tubes. Largemouth bass were stocked recently.  Weather conditions: Sunny and clear. Water conditions: Stained.   Note: Largemouth bass were stocked into Goldwater Lake this week. Goldwater is an intensive-use trout fishery. See more Angler Reports

Angler Report: Free Fishing Day Gila trout at Goldwater Lake

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Goldwater Lake Michael W.:  A Spectacular Day Of Fishing At Goldwater Lake!  In 6 1/2 hours of fishing, I caught & released 34 Gila Trout, most of them ranging from 2 to 3lbs and up to 19 inches.  As part of the National Free Fishing Day (Saturday, June 3), the Arizona Game and Fish Department recently stocked both Gila trout and rainbow trout at Goldwater Lake.  A big thanks to all the volunteers & Arizona Game and Fish for making it a memorable day!  Weather Conditions: Sunny & Clear Water Conditions: Stained...

Angler Report: Patagonia Lake

Send your fishing reports and pictures to Patagonia Lake Ryan V.: ​Caught a 4-pound channel cat caught on cut bait. Bluegill are biting non-stop on worms and the channel cat babies were hitting chicken liver-flavored stink bait. Ended up with five baby channel cats and one 4-pound channel cat. Released all fish.   See more Angler Reports